GeoTours Professional Partnerships

GeoTours operational practices and philosophy are dedicated to building and protecting a sustainable environment. Geo Tours' efforts are enhanced through its association with:

Colorado River Outfitters Association

CROA is a trade association representing approximately 50 licensed professional river rafting outfitters who specialize in providing outstanding outdoor adventures for families and individuals of all tastes and capabilities. The organization’s mission is to promote rafting in Colorado, the health of local rivers and Colorado’s tourism economy as a whole; as well as to provide a reasoned voice on legislative, regulatory and other developments that affect the commercial rafting industry.

The Arkansas River Outfitters Association

AROA consists of knowledgeable, experienced and licensed professionals who are dedicated to offering world-class whitewater adventures on the Upper Arkansas River in Colorado. AROA members offer a wide range of Colorado whitewater rafting and kayaking trips for all ages and adrenaline levels, and are truly committed to providing exceptional service on and off the river.

America Outdoors

AOA is the national association of outfitters and guides and their suppliers. We are America Outdoors. And like you, we’re out there – pedaling and paddling, riding and floating and loving that feeling of breathing hard on a trail less traveled. We are  established community of outfitters helping people experience the magnificent wilderness, leading one foot in front of the other.

Our members represent nearly 500 of the most successful and professional outfitters in America — outdoor recreation companies who are driving one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Since 1989, America Outdoors has worked to ensure outfitters in the outdoor recreation industry have a voice.


Geo Tours-Georafting shares the goal of inspiring both Colorado residents and visitors to protect Colorado’s special places, the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics collaborated to create “Care for Colorado”. Take a look at this video to get a snapshot of the program’s principles.


You can re-share our “Are you Colo-Ready?” brochure on your website or social channels. This breezy brochure is full of tips for traveling like a local, including the Care for Colorado Principles, seasonal packing tips and local lingo.